Summer is here! With the heat comes the pressing desire to escape and venture to new and exciting destinations. Road trips are the ultimate way to experience summer in the states, and they’re even better when our furry friends can come along! However, before you hit the road with the whole family, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to pet travel.

Plan Ahead. There is nothing worse than leaving for an extended trip only to remember that you’ve forgotten a crucial item at home. When preparing for your adventure, make a list of everything that your pet needs on a day-to-day basis and ensure that they will have all the comfort of home on the open road. If your pet is on any sort of medication or is not up to date on their vaccinations, you should consider scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian to make sure everything is set and ready for time away from home. Depending on the destination, your pet may need extra vaccinations or documentation to protect them from the elements of a new location.

Know the Signals. Once you set out for your journey, keep your pet in mind on the drive. If they have a history of anxiety in cars or seem to be acting nervous or carsick, make sure you’re prepared to help them find comfort. There are different anxiety solutions for all animals. For cats, a pheromone spray, such as Feliway, can be sprayed in their kennel to provide them with familiar and calming scents. Dogs can benefit from the use of Adaptil pheromone collars as well. If you know that small fixes won’t help, consider mentioning the issue to your veterinarian before hitting the road.

To keep everyone happy and comfortable, don’t leave your pet in the car alone.   Stop every few hours or so to let your pet stretch their legs, go to the bathroom, and have some water or a snack. No one likes to be cooped up for too long, and it won’t make for a fun adventure if your furry friend turns the back seat into a bathroom.

Have Fun! Road trips are amazing for building lifelong memories with your loved ones. If this is your first time bringing your pet with you, remember to be patient and enjoy every moment, even if things don’t seem to be going exactly as planned. Having our furry friends as travel companions can be a lot of fun when we are positive and prepared, so pack your bags, fill up your tank, and enjoy the ride!

By Daphne Graf, Client Service Representative