Associate Veterinarian


Favorite part of working with animals?
One of the comments I hear most frequently is “it must be hard to be a veterinarian because your patients can’t talk to you,” and I always reply that it is not as much of a problem as you think, because even though they can’t talk, they are always truthful. They may not speak, but they never fudge how they are feeling. It does require an ability to interpret what they are ‘saying,’ and that is part of the art and satisfaction that I find so rewarding about my profession.

Best way to spend a Saturday:
My career has involved working many Saturdays, so somehow, I never really feel like it is a ‘day off’ until Sunday. On Sundays, I enjoy sleeping in a bit, watching some of the morning news shows to catch up on what I have missed during the week, and then, if weather at all allows, my husband and I go for a bike ride around Paradise Valley, where we are lucky to have beautiful scenery, a variety of terrain and frequent wildlife sightings. Afterwards, we might run errands, do projects around the house, or go visit my parents in Fountain Hills. Sundays are special to me because they are the one day that I don’t have a schedule to keep, and that my husband and I can be sure of spending some time together. 

Year you started working in the veterinary field:
I graduated from the University of California at Davis in 1989, then I spent a little over a year in New York City as an intern in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at the Animal Medical Center. It was a challenging and wonderful year. I will always be grateful for that experience!

Last concert you attended:
I can’t remember, so it has been too long! My husband and I have been members of the Desert Botanical Gardens for several years, and we start each year off vowing that we will make it to one (or more!) of their concert series. So far, each season, life has other plans- maybe this year we will succeed… 

Which superhuman power would you choose?
I have always thought that a crystal ball would be handy! That way, I could know exactly which test would give the best insight into a case, or which medication would be the most effective and best tolerated, or what a pet has been exposed to that caused the current symptoms and should be avoided in the future. I certainly wouldn’t want to see the future (or the past) at all times, but it sure would be helpful to summon up this ability on occasion!




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