Wellness and Prevention

Many people think that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. When it comes to our animals’ health, however, Hillside Animal Hospital believes it is in your pet’s best interest to prevent it from getting “broken” in the first place, that is where our wellness and prevention services come in. This means regular wellness and prevention exams, including recommended vaccinations and preventative treatments. It is important for us to see your pet regularly so that we can document what is normal, such as weight, attitude and overall condition. Therefore, we can intercede earlier when we start to see changes that could progress into bigger health concerns. You may not notice subtle day to day changes in your pet, but our veterinarians are well trained to point out when intervention is necessary. Also, keeping current on vaccinations and heartworm prevention can save your pet from potentially lethal diseases.

Why 6 Month Exams?

You have probably heard that 1 human year is equivalent to 7 years for your dog and about 5 years for your cat. This varies based on your pet’s size and age, but the point is they age at a much more accelerated rate than people. This means that disease processes can occur and progress much more quickly as well. This is one reason that we recommend bi-annual wellness and prevention visits. Bringing your pet in for an exam every 6 months is like you seeing your doctor every 3-4 years. A lot can change in your pet’s health status in that time. We believe that the sooner your pet is diagnosed with a problem, the better we can treat him and greatly improve your pet’s quantity as well as quality of life.



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