Client Service Representative


Where did I grow up:
I am a rare native of Arizona. Though the summers are brutal, the rest of the year is so amazing here and I have many childhood memories of all the places we camped, trails we hiked and of course monsoon season!

Favorite sports team:
AZ Cardinals all the way! There is something about fall football season that just makes me happy, I think as a team they have come so far and with the coaching of Bruce Arians I can see us for sure going to the superbowl this year!

My first pet:
My first pet was a German Shepherd mix named Shadow, she was such a sweet girl and brought forward my love for not only our four-legged family members but as well the breed.

My heroes in real life:
My Mom, all the way. I can’t go a day without talking to her and she has guided me throughout my life. She has given me the chance to fall so I can learn to get myself back up again and is truly my best friend.

Favorite part of working with animals:
There are so many parts that I genuinely love but I must say it is when they first come in and they are either very scared, timid or just not feeling well and by the end of the appointment their tail is wagging and the licks are endless. It’s so rewarding to win over their trust and affection!



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