Technician Assistant


Favorite part of working with animals?
My favorite part of working with animals is being a voice for them and an advocate for animal welfare. It is very rewarding to be able to work with animals at the rescues and give them a whole new perspective on life.

Dream vacation:
My dream vacation would be going to Thailand to work at an elephant sanctuary and also studying animal behavior.

If a could be any animal I would be:
A wolf. They are very social animals and work as a team within their pack to survive. Out of the seven natural behaviors, protective behavior is the most prominent in wolf packs. They will not fight with one another because if a member of their pack is injured, it will lessen their chances of survival as a whole. I find their behavioral patterns quite interesting and have always enjoyed watching wolves interact with one another.

Best way to spend a Saturday:
Waking up early for a trail ride on horseback. Most of my Saturdays are spent in the saddle riding my horses or volunteering at the local equine rescues.

Year you started working in the veterinary field:
I started working in the veterinary field in 2016 with an equine dentist. I had changed my career path that year and decided to study large animal medicine after studying holistic wellness for quite some time.




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