When it’s time for us to leave our furry friends for an extended period of time, it can be hard to find the best place for them to stay. If you’re looking to board your pets during your time away from home, here’s what you should be paying attention for:

Recommendations: Seeking advice from a Hillside team member is always a great way to find a good boarding facility or sitter for your pet. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the best option for pet care while you’re away from home.

Location: To start, take a look at where the boarding facility is. Are there any emergency animal hospitals or clinics nearby that could see your pet in the unlikely event of an emergency?

Staff: A boarding facility with an educated and friendly staff will provide more peace of mind for you during your time away from home. While inquiring about their services and schedule of pet care, pay attention to the exercise options and whether or not they provide report cards or daily email updates to keep you in the know.

Environment: If possible, ask to take a tour of the boarding facility to ensure your pet’s safety and security. Check for cleanliness and how big the runs and kennels are, along with the size of the exercise areas and the amenities available, such as a grooming facility or treadmills for extra hyper pups. Be sure to ask questions about anything that may be of concern to you or your pet. According to the ASPCA some questions to consider are:

  • Check-in/Check-out times. Is it a thorough process?
  • What are the required/recommended vaccinations for the facility?
  • Is the facility accredited?
  • Are outdoor runs and exercise areas protected from wind, rain, and other elements?
  • Can you bring your pet’s special food?
  • Does each animal have an individual schedule for exercise and meal times?
  • Are resting boards and bedding provided to allow dogs to rest off the concrete floor?
  • Are cats housed away from dogs?
  • Is there enough space between litter box and food bowls?
  • Is there enough staff to handle the number of animals?
  • Do they have an in-house veterinarian, on-call veterinarian, or a relationship with a local veterinarian?
  • What are their security provisions? Do the kennels and cages have good latches? Are the fences to the outdoor runs at least 6 feet high?

Going through the process of finding a home away from home for your pet can be fun and exciting when you know that they will have the utmost care. With these tips, you can kick back and enjoy your trip while your pets enjoy their little slice of vacation and await your return!

Submitted by Daphe Graf, Client Service Representative