My profession is my passion and I enjoy my career more than anyone I know.  I grew up on a small farm in South Dakota, where I helped raise sheep, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, raccoons, and even a deer. My love for animals and my affinity for science made my career choice of becoming a veterinarian an easy one.  While attending South Dakota State University for my undergraduate work and Kansas State for my veterinary schooling, I spent my summers rehabbing marine mammals at Sea World San Diego.  My first veterinary job was with Sea World of Ohio followed by a job in an animal hospital in a beautiful coastal town in Oregon. There I expanded my passion for all animals through an opportunity to work with everything from small pets, to exotic frogs, to sharks and even larger marine mammals like Keiko, the whale of “Free Willy” fame.

Although I enjoyed my time in both Ohio and Oregon, I always remembered how much I loved visiting Arizona as I drove to San Diego each summer.  I relocated to Scottsdale in 1998 where I joined a Scottsdale veterinary practice working with small animals.

My wife Cathy and I met in 2000 here in Scottsdale.  It wasn’t long after meeting her that I discovered she was also originally from South Dakota.  Small world! It was remarkable how many experiences we had in common. We fell in love and married in 2001.

Partnering with Cathy and her marketing and business expertise was the best decision I ever made (next marrying her!).  On a driving trip to San Diego in 2001 we developed a plan to build our dream animal hospital.  We created a list of things that we felt would make a stand-out, family-owned animal hospital, and developed a vision for our future. At the top of the list was designing a place for pet owners to bring their pets where they felt welcomed and valued.  We also wanted to provide a great family-oriented workplace. We coined the phrase “Partner in Pet Health” as that how we hoped to be considered. In October of 2003, Hillside Animal Hospital opened its doors in Scottsdale. We have been embraced so lovingly by the Scottsdale and Fountain Hills communities.  We never take our success for granted!

When Cathy and I aren’t working, we enjoy hiking with our own pets, traveling, watching movies, spending time with my daughter Mikayla, and visiting family and friends. I love exploring trails throughout Arizona on my dirt bike and have been known to participate in a dirt bike race or two! Cathy has a passion for music, fitness, and design. As a couple, we don’t let the dust settle under our feet!

We invite you to visit Hillside Animal Hospital, take a tour, and meet our team. It’s always an honor to welcome new owners and their pets to our extended Hillside family!




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