If you’re a dog owner, you do everything you can to keep your dog safe and healthy. That likely means dog proofing your home so that it is as safe as can be. While many pet owners know the hidden dangers that lurk inside one’s home, few realize that the outdoors can contain just as many hazards to a dog’s health and wellbeing. If you fall into the second category, today is your lucky day. This blog will go over everything you need to know to make your backyard a safe and danger free zone for your dog. Read on for more!

How To Protect Your Dog from Outdoor Dangers

1. Think about the weather

The biggest way you can protect your dog as it plays outdoors is to always be mindful of the weather and take necessary precautions. In the warmer months, be sure to supply your dog with access to fresh water and set up a shaded area where it can cool down if overheated. When the temperature is high, dehydration and heat exhaustion are very real possibilities. Some dog owners forget that pets are susceptible to nature’s elements just like humans. Remember to protect your dog from the weather like you would yourself.

2.  Secure Your Swimming Pool

If you happen to have a swimming pool in your backyard, make sure that it doesn’t poise a risk to your pet. Drowning is a real possibility whenever there’s a pool involved, so you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure your pool is safe. Consider installing a fence or gate, a safety cover, or a motion sensor alarm. These little measures can make a big difference to your pet’s safety.

3. Limit Your Use of Lawn Chemicals

Fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides will certainly keep your lawn healthy, but, unfortunately, it is unhealthy for your pet. These lawn care substances contain chemicals that can be toxic to pets. To make your backyard dog friendly, keep your dog away from the yard after it has been treated, or consider investing in lawn care products that are made from natural ingredients and with pets in mind.

4. Keep Trash Cans Out of Reach

Trash cans and recycling bins should be secured and kept in an area that isn’t accessible to your dog. Dogs love to scavenge for food wherever they can (including the trash), so keeping your garbage cans fenced off or using locking lids are great ways to prevent your dogs from putting its paws where they don’t belong.

5. Maintain Your Backyard

A backyard is a dog’s oasis and happy place. Nothing brings dogs more pleasure than rolling around in the grass and digging in the dirt. To make your backyard the best possible playground for your dog, regular maintenance and care of your lawn is key. Be sure to trim your grass often, remove any debris, and clear away thorny branches. Not only will this make your backyard more appealing to the eye, it will also minimize your dog’s chances of acquiring a tick (since tall grass makes it easier for ticks to make their way onto your dog) or accidentally hurting themselves on hidden objects.

Dog proofing a backyard is one big way pet owners can ensure their dog’s safety while at home. But keeping your dog safe and healthy year round, no matter where they are, requires the help of a knowledgeable and caring veterinarian. Visit Hillside Animal Hospital to get the help that’s needed to keep your dog healthy, active, and alive for years to come.