Associate Veterinarian


Where did you grow up?
I was born just outside of Manchester, England.  My family moved to New Jersey when I was 7 years old, then moved to Arizona after my high school graduation.

Best way to spend a Saturday:
If the weather is nice, there is no place I would rather be than hiking outside with my husband and daughter.  We all love being outdoors and exploring as much of Arizona as we can.

Year you started working in the veterinary field:
In 2003, when I took on a volunteer position at the Emergency Animal Clinic.  I realized how much that I loved veterinary medicine during that time!

Dream vacation:
My favorite place to visit is St. John in the US Virgin Islands – it’s such a relaxing place and is a wonderful place to go snorkeling.   I also really would love to visit New Zealand, as it has spectacular scenery and lots of hiking opportunities.

Last concert you attended:
Imagine Dragons, here in Phoenix.  They always put on such a phenomenal performance and I would absolutely go to see them again.

Most memorable case here at Hillside:
I remember many years ago, before I went to veterinary school and was working as a veterinary technician here at Hillside, we saw a llama here for radiographs (x-rays).  Heidi, Gayle and I had to figure out a way to maneuver the llama into our x-ray suite to take radiographs of her front legs.  It was quite a unique experience!

Which superhuman power would you choose?
Talking to animals – it would make our jobs a little easier if they could tell us exactly how they are feeling or what piece of the laundry they ate 🙂




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