Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Candice Emerson grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. She always had a love for animals and the outdoors and volunteered for several years at Liberty Wildlife helping rehabilitate and release native wildlife. She graduated with honors from Arizona State University with a degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology. After that, she attended veterinary school at Colorado State University, focusing on small animal medicine and surgery. She has been practicing veterinary medicine in the Scottsdale area since 2003 with a strong interest in soft tissue surgery and dermatology. She currently has two Chihuahuas that are both rescues; Flower an older female that was born blind, and Bullet a young male that was found by a dumpster when he was a little over a month old. Dr. Emerson also has two sons. She spends most of her free time attending Little League games, hiking, and reading.

Favorite movie featuring animals:
I pretty much love any movie featuring animal (and as a mom of two boys, I have a good excuse to see most of them). But since I have to choose one, I’ll say Beverly Hills Chihuahua. At the time that move came out we had a little Chihuahua rescue named Flower that was born blind and had elaborate back story (that we invented) of how the Coyotes helped her cross the border into Arizona and ended up being adopted into our family. So when the movie came out, it just reinforced Flower’s story. I loved the German Shepherd, Delgado, voiced by Andy Garcia. I wanted a German Shepherd so bad after watching that movie.  Somehow I ended up with another Chihuahua instead.

What was your first pet?
When I was in kindergarten, my mom took me to an animal shelter and let me pick out my first puppy. We ended up with a little terrier mix that I named Cuddles. She was in the area of the shelter where they kept the cats and we always said that she thought that she was a cat. She’d catch lizards and leave their skinned bodies at our back door and she could scale our block wall.  She was also very tolerant of me and let me dress her up and give her rides in my baby carriage.

Favorite part of working with animals?
The Human-Animal Bond. I love to see and hear how much my clients’ pets enrich their lives.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Youngstown, OH, but my family moved to Scottsdale, AZ when I was two. Other than the four years I was in Colorado for Veterinary School, I have lived in Scottsdale for virtually my whole life.

Year you started working in the veterinary field:
In 1994, I started volunteering at Liberty Wildlife helping to rehabilitate and release native birds. But my first real job in the veterinary field was when I was hired as a veterinary assistant at the animal hospital where Dr. Rosonke worked in 1997.

Favorite Pet Name:
Leonardo DeCatrio



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