Owner Veterinarian


My favorite part of working with animals is…
the challenge and satisfaction of helping a living being that can’t communicate like humans do.  It makes diagnosing problems all that more difficult, but at the same time as they feel better, they seem to show their appreciation in different ways.

My favorite pet name of all time..
wasn’t my own, but I hope to steal it someday… A cat named John Stamos…. Just random!

My favorite way to spend a Saturday is…
having breakfast with my wife, then riding dirt bikes with my friends, catching the Vikings on a rare winning day, playing video games with my daughter and then cuddling in bed with my wife and dogs to watch a movie.

If I were an animal….
I would be an owl so I could be wise enough not to ask the typical “if I were an animal….” question.

My favorite super human power would be…
The power of super memory:  to never forget anything, what I have read, anything I have done, mistakes I have made or anyone I have met. I live an amazing life and don’t want to forget a thing!



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