Client Service Representative


Where did you grow up?
That story itself is a really long one, so I’ll try to keep it simple. I was born in Utah and my family and I moved to New Hampshire when I was 6 years old. In New Hampshire, we had a German themed B&B/ restaurant for a few years, then my parents decided to take the restaurant mobile with a food truck! I spent most of my teen years living on the road and traveling the country until I graduated high school and flew the nest to have an adventure of my own. It was an amazing way to grow up and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

What was your first pet?:
My very first pet of my own was a cute little car that I got on my 8th birthday. I named her Cleopatra. Turns out, Cleopatra was actually a male. His name then became Cleopatrick.

Favorite part about working with animals?:
I think my favorite part about working with animals is the fact that I get to bond with so many unique personalities every day. I also love meeting clients who look or act like their pet. It’s the best.

If I could be any animal I would be:
I would definitely be a Mountain Goat. Think about it, these animals live on the sides of mountains in some of the harshest conditions, but love it. It’s hard for predators to catch them and they get to spend their lives roaming around cliff-sides with amazing views and finding neat plants to eat. They live my dream life.

Best way to spend a Saturday:
On the perfect Saturday, I’ll start by waking up in my tent, somewhere in the mountains by a gorgeous lake. I get a fire started and warm my bones with some yoga while pancakes cook on my cast-iron pan. I sip my coffee, grab my camera, and spend the entire day hitting the trails and paddle boarding; not a worry on my mind save for my camera battery and whether or not I brought enough snacks. When the sun goes down, I’ll snuggle up by the fire with my friends and smile as we devour s’mores and they all attempt to play my banjo.




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