Technician Assistant

Where did I grow up?
I lived for a couple of years in Switzerland as a toddler and went across the border to school in France. My family then moved to Arizona where we have been ever since. All my life, I’ve spent my summers with my extended family in England.

Favorite movie featuring animals:
The Ugly Dachshund was a childhood favorite of mine and my sister’s when we were little! It is a 1960’s film about a Great Dane who thinks he is a Dachshund and havoc ensues. I love how old and campy the sixties couples are.

What was your first pet?
My first pet is my family dog, Cosmo, the Coton De Tulear. He is sixteen and still going strong! I also have two thirteen year old frogs named Pad and Tad that I got as tadpoles when I was in fourth grade.

If I could be any animal I would be:
A Mantis Shrimp! They are speed machines and attack their prey at the velocity of a .22 caliber bullet and have the ability to see many more colors than humans. They have sixteen color-receptors where as humans only have three (red, blue and yellow).

Dream vacation:
My dream vacation would be a trip to Japan. I would stay in a pod hotel and see the cherry blossoms in bloom.





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