Technician Assistant

Where did I grow up?
I grew up in Michigan until just before I turned 7 years old in the year 2000 when my family decided to move out here to sunny Arizona and have been here ever since.

Year I started working in the Veterinary Field?
I started working in the veterinary field in July 2011 as a kennel technician and vet assistant.

Best way to spend Saturday:
I like to hike across Superstition Mountain when its not 100 degrees out with my Siberian Husky Maya, day trips to new places, relax at home, or go out with friends/family.

Favorite part of working with animals?
I love working with animals because i’m able to help them when they are hurt, promoting preventative care to help them grow old with their families and being able to work with different varieties of breeds/species and being able to learn more about them.

What was your first pet?
I’ve had quite a few pets growing up varying in dogs, cats, reptiles and other exotics. The first pet that I got on my own though is my Siberian Husky Maya. I chose this memory of my first pet because i honestly can’t remember my first pet because I have had so many due to rescuing them while growing up.

Dream Vacation:
My dream vacation would be to go to Ireland for the relaxing landscape or Europe to see the old cities and towns with castles.

Which superhuman power would you choose?
I would choose telekinetic abilities as my superhuman power.




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