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What was your first pet? 
When I was four my family adopted two kittens and one of them took to me quickly. His name was Bink, an orange and white tabby, and he followed me everywhere. We were best friends until he crossed the rainbow bridge my freshmen year of college. Having him fostered my love of animals, especially cats. He was the instigating factor in my involvement with animal rescue and I am a deep believer that once you have been touched by the spirit of an animal, your soul is forever changed and that your path in life is altered.

Favorite movie featuring animals:
Without a doubt the Original Homeward Bound movie. All the things the animals do in that movie still amaze me from a technical aspect, plus it tells a wonderful story about the human and animal bond. Not to mention, I still cry when Shadow gets stuck in that mud pit!

If I were an animal, I’d be:
I would be a lion. They always look majestic and they get to nap a majority of the day which would be my ideal life.

Best way to spend a Saturday:
On my Ideal Saturday I wake up around 10 am. The sun is shining and in my kitchen there is a chocolate cake calling to me. I would eat two pieces for breakfast and then curl up on the couch with my cats to watch Dateline Mysteries for a couple hours before venturing out around noon to get lunch. Most likely I would go to Taco Bell or maybe Panera and eat objectively too much food for one person. After returning from lunch I would take a nap. Then in the evening my friends and I would get together and marathon one of the TV shows we enjoy.

Who are your heroes in real life?
My mom has always been and will always be my hero. She is a smart, talented, outspoken, and strong figure in my life and every day I strive to be all the best things that I see in my mom. I think that having her in my life has led me to be confident in my abilities and has made me a better person. Not everyone has strong role models in their life and I am constantly grateful that I’ve had her and the rest of my family to lead me on this life journey.



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